Three meal options to boot ...

Packed with flavour and wholesome ingredients, we prepare each delivery fresh and made-to-order. With a variety of menu items and three meal options to boot, we facilitate a balanced and healthy diet.

How It Works

Home cooked meals, right to your doorstep.

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Why Choose Us

Our menu items are prepared in-house, as we carefully curate nutrient-dense meals from start to finish. We use high-quality, farm-fresh - never frozen - ingredients to create your meals, tailoring each item to accommodate your dietary preferences. Upon arrival, each delivery can be stored in your fridge for upwards of four days.

Our Meal Plans

We offer three meal-plan options, starting at just $90.

5 Meals


Select any five (5) dishes from our menu.

7 Meals


Select any seven (7) dishes from our menu.

10 Meals


Select any ten (10) dishes from our menu.


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